3 Warning Signs That a Contractor is a Fraud and How to Prevent Them

Even though most of the contractors in Darwin are reliable and certified professionals, it might be best to always be aware and vigilant on whom you will hire. There are still a few people out there who may plan to scam or, worse, get away with it without you knowing. While some of these scams may seem obvious in hindsight, there are also cheap tricks that may go past your observant eye because these people are usually smooth-talkers and charmers.

Working with a trustworthy and competent contractor is vital for a homeowner’s profitability and success. Nobody wants to experience a horror story with a contractor. At Darwin Carpenters, one of our goals is to ensure that our customers will get the quality they deserve at all times. So, our team decided to share the things you should watch out for to prevent wasting your time and money with bad contractors. Check out the three warning signs that the contractor you are hiring is a fraud and how you can avoid these events.

Changing the estimate proposed.

One of the usual schemes of fraudsters out there is changing the estimate they have discussed with you. Although there can really be a chance that they have not foreseen how extensive the repair or renovation is going to be, they must at least inform you of the possibility before proceeding with the job so you can think more and decide whether you should proceed or not. Once they change the estimate, they can charge you a lot more, and you will be stuck with longer days of waiting for the project to be done.

How to prevent this:

To prevent this scheme from happening, you can directly consult your contractor whether the job has the potential to be more complex than you expect it to be. At Darwin Carpenters, our dependable and approachable contractors will give you professional advice and a free estimate with no hidden charges.

The contractor demands a large early payment or full payment upfront.

When it comes to business transactions, payments are usually made after the project has been executed or the results have been delivered. However, in the construction industry, it is quite common for contractors to ask for a percentage of the total costs as a down payment for all the services offered to you throughout the project. But, it is a different story if your contractor is asking for half of the payment or the full payment even before starting the project. Do not ignore this red flag because it might signify that they plan to rip you off and run away with your money.

How to prevent this:

It is vital to know the basic details about the person you are planning to hire. Suppose the contractors you are hiring do not have good reviews and feedback from their previous customers, portfolio, physical business establishment, or relevant work history in your area. In that case, they might not be the right contractor you should hire.

They are substituting or overcharging the materials used for the project.

If your contract specifies that a certain type or quality material is going to be used for the project and yet you see different ones arrive onsite, you have the right to ask them about it. There can be a chance that it is an honest mistake, or they are substituting cheaper and low-quality materials to rip you off.

How to prevent this:

You can ask for the suppliers’ contact information and directly inquire about the prices and list of all materials ordered by the contractor. With a reliable and honest contractor, this will not be a problem at all. In fact, they will even get you involved with the process of picking the type and quality of materials that will be utilized for the project to ensure that they can tailor it to your unique needs.

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