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Do you enjoy the outdoors but want to avoid the scorching heat? Then a pergola is what you need. Pergolas are a visually appealing and functional structure that can be applied in a variety of styles to different outdoor areas. Generally designed with sturdy columns that support a roofing grid made of beams or rafters and having no covered walls, a pergola is very flexible for decorations and accessories on any occasion or preference.

Whether you want a standard pitched roof to match your house or a flat roof for a simpler appearance, there is a range of design options and materials you can choose from when installing a pergola. Depending on the type of pergola you would like to go for, there are different benefits to each one.

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Pergola Options

Pergolas are rather versatile in design; aside from the options available for their structure, there are also materials for the roof to consider. Roof sheeting materials can be fitted to block any direct sun or you can choose one of the many shades of polycarbonate roofing such as Laserlite or Makrolon. These materials allow different levels of light into your outdoor space and protect against different weather elements. You can also choose to go without roofing if you want to have it set up in your garden and use it for climbing plants or hanging pots.

When choosing what type of pergola design you would like to have done, you can either go for something that is attached to your home or free-standing. Some of the design types you can choose from including traditional, gabled, pitched, sail, and steel. Each design has its own features depending on the style you are looking for.

For those that simply want a structure that allows air circulation and sunlight exposure, a traditional or open-top design is what you are looking for. If you want the structure to be more durable and stand against different elements, you will want a steel pergola. Steel pergolas are generally designed the same way as traditional pergolas and are mainly chosen for their material.

A pergola design that gives more room for personalized looks is the sail pergola. This type of design uses a sail stretched tightly to the columns or poles. Since the sails can come in a variety of colours a sail pergola design is often chosen for creating an individualistic look. If you want something that is both practical and presents an appealing visual, then you should select either a gabled or pitched type of pergola.

Pitched pergolas are generally pergolas that are attached to the property with an incorporated angle. There are different ways you can have this design styled to fit your property but its main feature allows good water runoff. Gabled pergolas on the other hand are freestanding structures that feature a roof in a triangular shape that provides an impression of extra headspace. In comparison to other pergola designs, construction is relatively more straightforward and quicker than the traditional structure. Like pitched pergolas, gabled pergolas allows efficient water runoff and can be made with different materials. Whatever pergola design you decide on, there are different options you can go for and with the right professional service, you can have your pergola needs to be met.

Choosing Darwin Carpenters to Install Your Pergolas

When you choose Darwin Carpenters for your pergola needs, you can be assured that we will design and install a beautiful and functional pergola to your exterior areas, such as your backyard, pool deck, patio, and garden. Whether your pergola plans are fully formed or at a conceptual stage, we will guide you so that you can maximize your spaces and use them for your relaxation.

If you’d like to learn more about what services we offer, you can contact us online, or you can directly call us using the hotline we provided to set up a consultation and get the project started.