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Picket Fencing Darwin

A picket fence is one of the most classic types of fencing you can choose from. While generally made from wood, a picket fencing can offer different styles for your property. When choosing a picket fence though, you will want to go for a sturdy wood, which is ideally hardwood. Hardwood is free from knots which is a weak point in the timber and an access point for moisture. Being a versatile type of fencing, picket fencing offers style options but there is a procedure when it comes to considering this type of fencing.

extended timber picket fence with fake grass at Darwin Carpenters

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How to Determine Your Style Of Picket Fence

The first thing to consider when choosing a picket fence is whether you want to go for a basic or feature type of picket fence post. With basic posts, they typically have dressed cypress posts with the dimensions 120mm x 70mm. Posts for a feature picket fence on the other hand offers more variety in looks to determine what style you would like. 

Another difference you’ll find between basic and feature posts is that the former is hidden while the latter is exposed. Once you have chosen the type of post for your picket fence, you will need to determine how you would like to have your picket fence placed. You have the option to either have it be level in construction or have it follow the contours of the land. This will mainly depend on the style of fence you are after and the slope of your land. After determining your post style and fence layout, this is when you should be able to select your picket fence style and height. 

In terms of picket fence styles, the options are as follows:

  • Osbourne
  • Lonsdale
  • Carlton
  • Round
  • Windsor
  • Scalloped
  • 45 ̊ Point
  • 60 ̊ Point

Depending on the style you wish to go for, picket fencing can offer you a variety of designs. Some other things to note though when choosing your picket fence, you will want to select a wood that holds its shape well and ensure the posts are well-primed before they are placed in the ground to prevent moisture absorption and rotting. Being a versatile material with a variety of options, you will want to ensure your picket fence delivers as a sturdy boundary and enhances your property’s visual appeal. 

With the right service, you can have your picket fence installed hassle-free with a range of options to choose from. If you are looking for a professional service that can deliver quality work with reliable workers, then you should consider Darwin Carpenters.  

Why Have Darwin Carpenters Install Your Picket Fencing

By choosing to have Darwin Carpenters work on your picket fences, you can be assured of a
Team of master carpenters to deliver you quality service. From plain and minimalist wood picket fences to an elaborately styled and high-end shaped iron railing, you can trust Darwin Carpenters to deliver.

With years of experience under our belt, you can be assured that we only use outstanding quality materials for your picket fence so it can withstand harsh weather conditions and other elements for the years to come. If you want to have picket fencing that is both visually appealing and practical, you can reach us through our hotline and email so that our skilled carpenters can install it efficiently as soon as possible.